Jun 4, 2018

Sneak Peak for Epi #8 - Xscape


Mar 26, 2018

Epi # 7 - Brandy



"I wanna be down"

We explore her TV beginnings, rise to fame, faux marriage, motherhood and her comeback.

Guest: Autumn Woodland, host of We Got The Jazz and a visual artist with work featured at https://society6.com/AutumnWoodland


Mar 19, 2018

Sneak Peek for Epi #7


Mar 12, 2018

Epi #6 - A Tribe Called Quest


"Can I kick it?" "Yes! You can!"


We reflect on our favorite songs, the dope samples, the memorable lyrics, the genius producing skills, the setbacks, but eventual reunion that encompass our favorite Tribe.


Guest: The Internet's TAYREL713, host of the podcast Stays Krunchy In Milk.

On Twitter: @TAYREL713 and @SKIMPod

Mar 5, 2018

Sneak Peek for Epi # 6


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